A Dog’s Life


A Dog’s Life is a fresh and playful look into the lives of the canine companions that many of us think we know so well, A Dog’s Life explores the widely assumed facts that may actually be based on faulty and out-dated research. Is your dog really like a wolf? Does she need you to be the “alpha” dog, so she knows where to fit into your pack? Do they really see in black and white? Is it true that dogs have an amazing sense of direction? From their celebrated sense of smell to their little known mathematical abilities, A Dogs Life is an exploration that travels from the familiar streets of London, Ontario to St. John’s Newfoundland, and all the way to Budapest Hungary.

ADL watching tv



Krista at Western 2
ADL at the show 2

ADL Krista Macpherson 2

ADL watching tv 2

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ADL feathers 5

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