My Nuclear Neighbour – Viewer Comments

Last week My Nuclear Neighbour re-aired on CBC’s The Nature of Things with David Suzuki. We received a number of viewer comments on the film when it first aired. Since this film deals with an extremely complicated and contentious subject you can guess that there were many comments from both sides of the argument.

There were two comments in particular which I believe not only show just how contentious the issue is, but also shows us something quite interesting about how we perceive things which we have a vested interest in it. Both comments arrived on the same day and both from Peace River, Alberta, where the controversy is taking place.

Here are the comments to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

“We were very disappointed to say the least. Rather than being an unbiased presentation it came across as a promotion for Bruce Power…”

“I found the show completely biased against the Nuclear Industry. The show spent alot of time following two people who are against Nuclear energy and didn’t interview virtually nobody from Peace River who supported the power plant…”

While one viewer thought the film read as a promotion for Bruce Power, another tells us that the show is completely biased against the Nuclear Industry. It’s interesting how the same film can be seen in such opposing lights by two different people in the same community.

While there were a few negative comments that suggested the film was biased there were a number of positive reviews as well from those who thought our approach was very balanced. Feel free to draw your own conclusions, the film can be viewed on The Nature of Things website within Canada. If you live outside of Canada and you’d like to purchase a copy drop us a line at