Jeff McBride: A Magickal Life

SYNOPSISImagine a magician who reaches into his hat to pull out the rabbit he previously hid there and finds himself not with a bunny but a unicorn. By the time Jeff McBride was a teenager he was appearing on national TV. Since then he has won world renown among lovers of magic and illusion. Whether gracing a stage in Las Vegas or Paris, performing a card trick under your nose, or teaching a master class to already accomplished conjurors, he is one of the contemporary masters of the arts of deception. He is also the follower of a spiritual path based on a form of magic that he says, far from being a deceit, is a path to sacred reality.


Directed & Written by
Daniel Zuckerbrot

Producer/Executive Producer
Donna Zuckerbrot
Daniel Zuckerbrot

Executive Producer, Vision TV
Alberta Nokes

Director of Photography
Neville Ottey

Alan Gibb

Colm Feore

Music Consultant
Patrick Russell

Title Design & Illustrations
Ken Nutt

Series Opening
Tango Media Group

Sound Recordist
Tony Crosse

Assistant Editor
Aaron Albert

Online Editor/Colourist
Dan Johnston

Sound Editor
Jakob Thiesen

Sound Mixer
Ian Rodness

Audio Post
Kitchen Sync Digital Audio

Legal Affairs
Richard Hanet, Lewis Birnberg Hanet, LLP

Richard Warburton, Kay & Warburton

Jones Brown

Stock Footage/Archival Visuals
Lance Burton
Robert Henrikson
Jeff McBride
The Miracle Factory

From Enter the Center
Composed and performed by Abigail McBride
From Beneath the Veil, Soles on Earth, Dancers of Twilight
Performed by Zingia
Composed by Katlyn & Michael Breene
Courtesy Sequoia Records
From Dreamspell
Composed and performed by Gary Stadler
Courtesy Sequoia Records

Special Thanks
Jeff McBride
Abigail McBride
Tobias Beckwith
Eugene Burger
Lance Burton
Katlyn Breene
Michael Breene
Judith Bautista
Adam Brindley
Mark Buread
Jonathan Carp
Todd Carr
Marisa Carnesly
Allan Cleverley
Andy Cohen
Craig Conely
R. Heath Foxlee
Liz Greene
Lee Grotte
Paul Kozak
Gerry Morrison
Jayson Morrison
Dan Quintana
Daniel Rolland
Jay Rosenberg
Mohamd Saleh
Finn Strandgaard
Kathryn Trevethan
Christine White
Mark White
Jordan Wright
Jason Zommick
Vegas Vortex

Produced in association with VisionTV with the participation of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credits and the Ontario film & Television Tax Credits.

Jeff is always a magician, always the enthusiastic entertainer. In any one day, he might produce a small rose for a desk clerk; vanish a coin borrowed from a person he meets in a check-out line and then discover the coin in a wrapped chocolate bar, and a little later, read the minds of a group of college girls sitting next to him in a coffee shop…Read More

Jeff Stone
If you’re a fan of McBride, get it. If you’re not, get it. If you’ve never heard of McBride, get it. Get it? This DVD is a documentary style production with interviews of many of McBride’s friends, including Eugene Burger. There are a few sort of sections…Read More

Brad Henderson
Fans of Jeff McBride will consider this film, produced by award-winning Canadian documentarians Daniel & Donna Zuckerbrot, a must-have. Not only are small portions of some of McBride’s signature pieces archived, but his personal and performance philosophies are explored at length….Read More

David Goodsell

Most of us have seen Jeff McBride perform. We have been impressed by his sleight-of-hand skills and by the drama, the theatricality, of his presentations. The costumes, the masks and the other props, fit Jeff. Few of us see ourselves doing magic the way he does it. But, you see, Jeff’s routines are much more than conjuring. They represent his “magickal life.” Read More

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