A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life is a fresh and playful look into the lives of the canine companions that many of us think we know so well, A Dog’s Life explores the widely assumed facts that may actually be based on faulty and out-dated research. Is your dog really like a wolf? Does she need you to be the “alpha” dog, so she knows where to fit into your pack? Do they really see in black and white? Is it true that dogs have an amazing sense of direction? From their celebrated sense of smell to their little known mathematical abilities, A Dogs Life is an exploration that travels from the familiar streets of London, Ontario to St. John’s Newfoundland, and all the way to Budapest Hungary.

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Annette Bradford

associate producer
Robert Ballantyne
Olena Sullivan


produced, directed and written by
Daniel Zuckerbrot
Donna Zuckerbrot
director of photography
Michael Grippo

Carole Larsen

original music
Marvin Dolgay
associate producer
Joshua Zuckerbrot

graphic design
Christian Castel

additional camera
Joshua Zuckerbrot
location sound
Ian Challis
Jim Goodwin
Michael Josselyn

Bryan Hoffman
production assistants
Adam Cohen
Daniel Dutka
Zach Gayne


Rachel Zuckerbrot

dog wrangler
Carolyn Harper

jib operator
Robert Armstrong

jib assistant
Thanalee Pelle
studio elements

art director
Diana Abbatangelo

set dressers
Rachel Ford
Drew Lint

art department assistant
Marcus Groebner

Josh Pelham

Jack O’Brian
Mike Preuss
still photographer
Gary Beechey

Lorraine Grant

sound editor
Alan Geldart
sound mixer
Rudy Michael

narration recording
Chris McLaren

online editor
Colin Campbell

project manager
Christian Carruthers
legal affairs
Richard Hanet, Lewis Birnberg Hanet, LLP

Richard Warburton, Kay & Warburton

Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc.

with special thanks to
Joe Blankier
Gale Rubenstein
Ashley O’Brien
Bill Roberts
Andre Yeu

Dalhousie University
Duke University
Eötvös Loránd University
Family Dog Project
Huron University College
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Western University
Forest City Kennel Club
Stills & Films

Filmed partially on location and with the permission of the Parks Canada Agency, at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada, Nova Scotia

produced with the participation of


The Canadian Film or
Video Production Tax Credit

with the assistance of the Government of Ontario –
The Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit

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executive producers
Daniel Zuckerbrot
Donna Zuckerbrot

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

for the nature of things

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Caroline Underwood

executive producer
Sue Dando



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Renée Moreau

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June Hall

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Documentary Unit
Wilma Alexander

senior producers
Caroline Underwood
FM Morrison
for the nature of things

executive producer
Sue Dando

executive director
Documentary Programming
Mark Starowicz

The Nature of Things
with David Suzuki

produced by
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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