Conjuring Philip

Conjuring Philip tells the tale of researchers who experiment in communication with the spirit world. Some believe they have made contact, others believe their experience is not with the other-side but is a form of psychokinesis – the ability to mentally affect the physical environment without any physical contact. Was Philip a ghost, was he created by the energy of the group, or is it all a trick we play on ourselves? Belief, immortality, and science are all investigated in ‘Conjuring Philip’.


Produced, Directed & Written by
Donna Zuckerbrot

Executive Producers
Donna Zuckerbrot
Daniel Zuckerbrot

Executive Producer, Vision TV
Alberta Nokes

Director of Photography
Neville Ottey

Greg Hopen

Aaron Davis
John Lang

Colm Feore

Sound Recordists
Ian Challis
Barton Hewett
Marianna Lafollette
Bob Newton

Title Design & Illustrations
Ken Nutt

Series Opening
Tango Media Group

Dana Alexander

Sound Editor
Jakob Thiesen

Sound Mixer
Ian Rodness

Audio Post
Kitchen Sync Digital Audio

Legal Affairs
Richard Hanet, Lewis Birnberg Hanet, LLP

Richard Warburton, Kay & Warburton

Jones Brown

Stock Footage/Archival Visuals
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Mary Evans Picture Library
Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division
Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Perfect Medium:
Photography and the Occult
Iris Owen
Raymond International
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections,
University of Manitoba Libraries, Winnipeg

With Special Thanks To
James Alcock
Stephen Braude
Dianne Burrough
Peter Burrough
Chris French
Iris Owen
Walter Quan
William Stoney
Stephen Young
Walter Meyer zu Erpen

Produced in association with VisionTV with the participation of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credits and the Ontario film & Television Tax Credits.

Conjuring Philip – Jeff Stone

My New Mantra is “If it’s Donna Zukerbrot, buy it.” This Documentary, Conjuring Philip is a fascinating documentary on Conjuring Spirits who represent themselves in the form of PK movement… table movement, specifically in this film.

You’ll see the Scully/Mulder approach to finding the truth as both sides of the proverbial coin (believers and skeptics) are interviewed.

There’s not a lot to say about this other than if you like documentaries about the strange and paranormal, then this is worth the mere $20.00 you’ll spend on this. GEM!