Hypnotized!: The Trance State

Some researchers believe hypnosis can allow us access to hidden memories, help us overcome phobias and be used to manage pain. In more recent times the idea of using hypnosis to retrieve lost memories has produced discoveries of purported past lives and alien abductions. Some of the results are intriguing; some are humorous while others have lead to tragic consequences. Intense debate surrounds the topic of hypnosis; is it real, is it safe? We explore the history, beliefs and latest research on hypnosis to see if it can tell us about our limitations and our possibilities.


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Hypnotized – Jeff Stone

If you don’t already know that I’m going to recommend this as a full-on GEM status, then you, my friend, have not spent enough of your life reading my reviews. Anything from Donna Zuckerbrot goes. Her documentaries are top-notch. This one in particular was a lot of fun. You get interviews with hypnotists, and skeptics you also learn some interesting background information and history regarding hypnosis. Just get it. It’s only $20.00 bucks and it’s a great time. It’s worth it. GEM!