Spiritualism: The Fox Sisters

Spiritualism: The Fox Sisters explores a story that began on the night of March 31, 1848 in an isolated farmhouse in upstate New York. Two little girls and their horrified parents seemed to communicate with the dead. In the months and years that followed, the events in this small community grew to become far more than a simple ghost story. They became the starting point for a new mass movement referred to as modern spiritualism that influenced tens of thousands of people for the remainder of the nineteenth century. Spiritualism, in a variety of forms became one of the largest popular movements of the time, and continues to attract believers to this day.

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Produced, Directed & Written by
Donna Zuckerbrot

Executive Producers
Donna Zuckerbrot
Daniel Zuckerbrot

Executive Producer, VisionTV
Alberta Nokes

Director of Photography
Neville Ottey

Greg Hopen

Aaron Davis
John Lang

Colm Feore

Sound Recordists
Barton Hewett
Bob Newton
Sean O’Neill
Gary Oppenheimer

Title Design & Illustrations
Ken Nutt

Series Opening
Tango Media Group

Dana Alexander

Sound Editor
Jakob Thiesen

Sound Mixer
Ian Rodness

Audio Post
Kitchen Sync Digital Audio

Legal Affairs
Richard Hanet, Lewis Birnberg Hanet, LLP

Richard Warburton, Kay & Warburton

Jones Brown

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With Special Thanks To
Rev. Cosie Allen
Pierre Apraxine
David Chapin
Robert Cox
Christopher Davis
Mia Fineman
Patricia Gorthy
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Simon James
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Produced in association with VisionTV with the participation of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credits and the Ontario film & Television Tax Credits.


Jeff Stone

f you’ve read my past reviews about Zukerbrot films, you know I’ll be recommending you drop the $20.00 bones on this one as well. She is the Queen of Documentary on The Fascinating.

In this film, we get a peek at the history and story of the Fox Sisters, the “founders” of the modern spiritualism movement.

As always, we are presented with Interviews from both skeptics and believers. These Zukerbrot films… as amazing and incredible as they are, it’s tough to write a review that does them justice. The best way I can describe is that it’s like watching the history channel for magicians. Just stop reading and fork over the dough.