Untangling Alzheimer’s

Untangling Alzheimer’s is a dramatic and inspiring medical investigation driven by David Suzuki’s journey to understand the science of Alzheimer’s and the surprising new insights into its cause.

David has a very personal interest in the disease because his mother, aunt and two uncles died of it. We join David on an intimate journey as he explores the newest breakthroughs in this devastating disease as well as his own chances of contracting the cruel condition.

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Alzheimer’s today is the only leading cause of death that cannot be cured, prevented or even slowed. Worse, it’s the only leading cause of death that is on the rise – and not simply because baby-boomers are getting older. Studies show that the increase is absolute across all age groups, and death rates continue to climb. With a new case developing every 69 seconds, scientists now speak of the Alzheimer’s epidemic.

Despite decades of work and millions of dollars invested in research, to this day no one knows what exactly causes this most deadly dementia. But surprising new theories about the roots of Alzheimer’s may now be untangling the mystery.

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Roberto Verdecchia – Director
Untangling Alzheimer’s is directed and written by Roberto Verdecchia. His work has covered many intriguing subjects from the arms trade to ultra-high energy particle physics. Most recently, his CBC documentary on how the Andes might just save the world won Best Environmental Documentary at the 2013 Banff World Media Festival.

Andrew Binnington – Camera
Andrew Binnington’s career in the Film/Television industry spans over 30 years, including 19 years employed as a Cameraman in the CBC Film Production Department. Over that time, he has photographed award-winning dramatic, documentary, promotional and performance productions, working regularly on such series as “The Nature Of Things”, as well as on films with artists like Quincy Jones, Kurt Browning, and Oscar Peterson. Recent projects have included the CBC’s, “Geologic Journey” and “The New Green Giants”, for The Nature of Things.

Tony Coleman – Editor
Tony Coleman has excelled as a writer, producer, director, editor, visual effects designer and cinematographer for over twenty years. Five feature films, dozens of documentaries and countless other broadcast productions later, his work has garnered numerous international and domestic film and broadcast awards. His focus is to create highly watchable productions by bringing out the best in himself and others, emphasizing the visual aspects of emotional storytelling and having a laugh while he’s at it.

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